Internal Investigations

Prompt, fair and effective investigations of employee complaints of harassment or discrimination are absolutely vital to protecting an employer from potential liability. An employer’s policies and procedures, as well as its investigative response to harassment complaints, are critical in determining its liability in all cases alleging discrimination, particularly sexual harassment cases. Employers should carefully craft and review their policies to ensure they are as effective as possible, both in promoting a non-harassing work environment and in minimizing their risk of legal liability through an effective complaint procedure. Employers should also review their procedures for notifying and reminding employees about the company’s policies and for investigating complaints promptly and fairly when they arise.

The O’Neal Firm, LLP has a wealth of experience in conducting internal investigations on the full spectrum of employment-related claims, including sexual harassment and discrimination complaints, employee theft, employee misconduct, workplace violence and workplace drug use. Our investigators conduct thorough and comprehensive investigations designed to discover the truth underlying the claims and position the company to respond promptly and effectively.