Employment Policies And Manuals

To function effectively, every work place needs appropriate policies, procedures, forms and record retention systems. Many policies and procedures are required by law. Other policies and procedures are an essential protection against lawsuits. In both cases, policies are needed to assure uniform treatment of employees — often critical to an employer’s defense against a lawsuit alleging discrimination. Whether carelessly crafted or innocently incomplete, poorly conceived policies and procedures may expose the company to expense and liability.

The O’Neal Firm, LLP has a wealth of legal and practical experience. We understand the types of issues that arise throughout the entire range of work settings and can draft policies, procedures and forms that address particular employer situations and concerns. We draft and advise clients on the development and application of all workplace policies, including hiring, discipline, and termination procedures, personnel policies and work rules, grievance, and arbitration procedures, alternative dispute resolution policies, background check and drug testing policies and employee handbooks. Whether it is drafting a handbook or set of work rules, reviewing a job application or salary matrix, designing a disciplinary or evaluation form, creating a drug-testing or violence-in-the-workplace policy, or crafting non-compete, confidentiality and non-solicitation provisions, we can draft policies and agreements that comply with the increasingly complex rigors of the employment law environment.